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For the last thirty or so years, Kenn and Mary Krasner, husband and wife creative & business partners, have amassed thousands of serene, inspirational and tranquil landscapes, nature photographs and panoramas taken while walking, hiking, and snowshoeing local, state and national parks, and wildlife areas & refuges, as well as in and around the highways and by-ways of New Jersey, Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, and New York, in every season, and in all kinds of weather.

We see nature’s beauty everywhere we look. Even in places you might not think it exists. For us, the opportunities are endless – no matter where we go, there’s always something that catches our eye or completely captivates us – and we then try to bring something new or fresh to the subject – a small beautiful detail or just a different point of view.


Mary's photo of Kenn taking pictures at Hazens Notch, VT

Kenn stalking a wild photo at Hazens Notch, VT. Photo by Mary Krasner.

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— Kenn & Mary, August 2018 ♥

We strive to provide our clients and patrons with what they want in terms of photographic print media, print size, or other optional print types. Please be sure to let us know your requirements.  We want to exceed your expectations.

Our standard is to provide true archival photographic silver halide prints (Digital C prints), no cheap inkjets. All of our photos are available in multiple full frame print sizes from 8″x12″ up to 24″x48″ — and beyond — especially for our panoramas. Our photographic paper of choice is Fuji Professional Crystal Archive Super paper available in four surfaces; Super Type PD Luster, Super Type C Glossy, Digital Pearl Metallic, and Super Type Matte N. Optionally, we can also provide our photographs as either Rolled Canvases or Gallery Wrapped Canvases.

The Vermont Collection

The slideshow below is only a small representative sample of the many, many photographs we have taken all over the beautiful state of Vermont.

5960, Mansfield's Backside
7817, Power And Beauty
0060, On To Libby's Lookout
7126, Platte River Flooded Timbers
3394, Autumn Tranquility
#1149-1166, Missisquoi Wetlands
6162, Morning On The Missisquoi
9529, Sherbrook Trickle
10761_10767, Route 104A Vista
6576, First To Arrive II
2279, Lavender & Autumn Colors
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The UVM Holiday Bazaar Collection

These are the images we offered for sale at the UVM Holiday Bazaar held on December 5, 2018.

0083, Elegant Zinnia
2706, Black Swallowtail
2742, Carefree Flight
3080, Hummingbird Moth
3043, Black Tie & Tails
3342, Garden Dahlia
5749, White Hibiscus
5802, Passion Flower
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2023, Afternoon Light
2123, Deep Autumn
4013, Good Day's End
5960, Mansfield's Backside
7192, Hunger Mountain
7817, Power And Beauty
8993, Change Is Coming
13111, There Is Always Hope
13823, Om Vardhanam Namah
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The Creepy Collection

Nature’s not always what we usually think of what beauty is, but that’s what makes it so incredible. From ominous insects, to wild fungus, to strange plants, tree and other nature spirits, and decay and all the icky stuff that’s just below the surface, the following collection presents photographs imbued with the spirit of Halloween!

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The Early Bloomers Collection

While Spring is all about beautiful flowers, plants and assorted greenery, we’re always enchanted by those that blossom first. This collection is made with photos we’ve taken during the last two weeks of March and the first week of April 2019.

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Stay In Touch. Join Our Email List.

Stay In Touch. Join Our Email List.

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Hey UVM-ers! Here are the photos from the Bazaar!

Hey UVM-ers! Here are the photos from the Bazaar!

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