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We had a wonderful time participating in the UVM Holiday Bazaar, yesterday, December 5th! We met so many new friends and enjoyed telling them about the backstories of the photos and seeing if they could name the Vermont locations of the our photos. We weren’t surprised that there were many folks who know general locations, but also how many who could name the almost exact location! Vermonters really do know there state!

To accommodate the many attendees who wanted to order our photos once the Bazaar ended, we’ve added all the photos we had for sale at the to the website today!

If you are interested in purchasing any of these images (or images in any of our other collections), please fill-in the form below with you information PLUS the file number displayed at the bottom of the image when you roll over it with your mouse.

We’ll then email you a SQUARE™ invoice that you can easily pay right from your smartphone or computer using all major credit or debit cards (5×7 photos are $22.00 each and 8×12 photos are $37.00 plus shipping), presentation folders not included.

Our new full service e-commerce website will be launched next week so, please stay tuned!